Summer 2009 Hiiumaa trip

Summer 2008 Hiiumaa trip

Golden's Autumnday 27th october 2007

July 2007 Saaremaa trip

Puppymeeting 26th April 2007

Hunting training 24th March 2007

Walking with Bona 20th March 2007

EKRÜ match show 30th May 2010


International show and EKRÜs speciality 13th-14th Febuary 2010

Baltic Winner 2009 show and ERTÜs speciality 22th-23th August 2009

EKRÜ Speciality Show in Vehendi 18th July 2009

National Show in Valga 12th July 2009

Estonian Winner 2009 show and Club Golden Friends speciality 6th-7th June 2009

EKRÜs speciality show in Tallinn 26th April 2009

EKRÜs speciality show in Tallinn 14th February 2009

International show in Tartu 8th November 2008

VIII & IX group speciality show in Luunja 24th august 2008

ERTÜ's speciality show 16th August 2008

EKRÜ's speciality show in Vehendi 26. July 2008

Sillamäe national show 19. April 2008

EKRÜ's speciality show in Tallinn 09. Feburary 2008

 "Golden Firends" Club speciality show 18. August 2007

EKRÜ speciality show in Viitna 28th July 2007

Viljandi national show 22th July 2007

ERTÜ spetciality show 2nd Juny 2007

EKRÜ speciality show 10th Febuary 2007

Viljandi national show 30th July 2005